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Reem Salahi is an activist and attorney specializing in national security and civil rights. She is a member of the National Lawyers Guild and the President of the Muslim Bar Association of Southern California (MBASC). Formerly, Reem was a Bridge Fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California and a Fulbright Fellow in Amman, Jordan. More recently, Reem was one of seven attorneys to travel to Gaza on the National Lawyers Guild delegation directly following Israel's 22-day-attack in February of 2009. Reem's legal findings were published in an article, titled "Israel's War Crimes: A First Hand Account of Israel's Attacks on Palestinian Civilians and Civilian Infrastructure." Reem also hosts a weekly internet radio show on Thursdays at 3 and 7 pm PST streaming at www.onelegacyradio.com. Objection! looks at the intersection of national security, civil rights, and news analysis.

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